Monday, January 25, 2010

Obama, the scapegoat

The Obama bashing has begun. One year after Barack Obama took the oath of office, the conservatives now are blaming Obama for the problems of his predecessor, claiming that he can no longer pass it off onto Bush. Obama has been made the villain for the mistakes of the Bush administration. But let's put this to the test:
  • They turned a budget surplus into a deficit.
  • They took us to war on false pretenses, manufacturing a link to terrorism that even the common man should have been able to see through. I did.
  • They spent money they didn't have to fight this war, instead of spending it for the general welfare of the people.
  • They screwed over the troops, many of whom had to buy body armor.
  • They destroyed Afghanistan and then sent troops to die there.
  • They ignored and denigrated the Constitution.
  • They presided over the weakest economy in decades.
  • They had the worst unemployment rate in decades.
  • The stock market was more screwed up than it had been in decades.
This is just a partial list of the many issues. A list of 99 problems is to be had here: To be fair, Obama has had his problems with his administration, too.
  • He didn't shut down Gitmo
  • He defended the warrentless wiretapping program
  • He didn't get us out of Iraq
  • He didn't get us out of Afghanistan
  • He didn't get us any decent healthcare, and instead of cutting out the insurance companies he cut deals with them.
  • In refusing to pull the same crap as Republicans, he makes himself look weak. Of course, an attempt at a show of power (like a suggestion to shut down Fox News) gets him attacked by conservative blowhards.
But, truly, what the conservatives are attacking him for is ridiculous. When you screw up the economy this bad it's time to take some responsibility for it instead of blaming someone else. And yes, I'm talking to you Sean Hannity, Bill O'Reilly, Rush Limbaugh, George Bush. All of you helped to fuck up America. Time to take the rap for it and shut the fuck up.

Because I won't.

And I know better than the rest of those morons, and have facts to back it up, not useless conjecture and mindless rhetoric.

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